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construction system developed by datamanReal Estate CRM Software

If you are on the look out for Construction CRM Software then Dataman Real Estate CRM Software is the ultimate software solution that you can have for your organization. It is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the expectations of real estate professionals. This Real Estate CRM has been equipped with features to provide you with a versatile knowledge base of all your projects. It comes integrated with Dataman Real Builder ERP Solution in the form of a module and helps you to accomplish all the regular events of real estate crm.

It ensures that you go onto build your customer good will and achieve brand enhancement.
The Real Estate CRM Software takes care of various tasks such as Sales Scheduling, Sales Force Monitoring, Broker Management, Customer Profile Management, Prospect wise Expense Analysis, and many other tasks as well. It allows you to maintain improved client records. You can track events, follow up and can even do performance analysis as well. All-in-all, it lets you to organize your real estate business easily and helps you to increase your efficiency and profitability.

Key Features:

Real Estate CRM Software for Real Builder developed by dataman  Maintain improved client records. Software for Real Builder developed by dataman  Generate Customer Card to Follow-Up. Builder developed by dataman  Schedule tasks to your Pre-sales and Collection Team according to the Customer Profile stored. construction system developed by dataman  Track Events and their Follow-up. construction system developed by dataman  Monitor Sales Force Activities. construction system developed by dataman  Get Day-to-day Reports on task status(complete/incomplete/pending). construction system developed by dataman  Our powerful yet easily-accessible Real Builder's CRM software enables brokers to give an        instantaneous insight to their clients, building a healthy and long-term relationship between them. construction system developed by dataman  Other than SMS and e-mails, our Real Estate Software Real Builder can even generate follow-up        letters to reach out to business relationships.

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