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Inventory Management Software

Inventory module of Real Estate Management ERP Real Builder keeps you on top of all aspects of material management by ensuring that there is round the clock availability of a sufficient quantity of materials so that neither the construction work is hindered, nor a financial burden is laid on the company any time during the process.

It serves to Monitor Stock at each Site, Tracks Stock Transfers from
Inventory Management Software
site to site, Does Age Wise Item Tracking, Evaluates Stock on LIFO, FIFO or Weighted Average basis, Avoids Blockage by Better Stock Positioning, Calculates Taxes, Issues/Receives Stock based on Batch Number, Keeps tabs on stocks in transit and thus acts like an intelligent tool for store management.

Key Features:

 Site Wise Inventory Tracking.  Cumulative Stock Summary.  Stock Valuation on LIFO, FIFO and Weighted Average.  Item Ageing Analysis.  Non- Moving and Slow-Moving Item Analysis.  Issue and Receiving of Stock based on Batch/ Lot No..  Job Work Management.  Track material tracking at contractor against Work Order/ Job Order/ Work Plan.  Track material transfer from one Store/Site to another; Keep Transit Volumes in check.  Calculate taxes acc. to the method used for inventory evaluation (LIFO/ FIFO/Weighted Average).

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