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Real Estate Project Execution Management Software

Unleash the potential of real estate project execution management with the powerful, comprehensive and user friendly Dataman Real Estate Project Execution Software. This construction project management software has been integrated with the Dataman Real Builder ERP Solution for real estate professionals in the form of a module and provides all the basic and advanced functionalities to meet project execution tasks. It is an ultimate project management solution that you can have for your real estate organization.

The real estate project management software ensures that you timely complete all your project related tasks and hence go onto maximize your efficiency for your real estate enterprise. It provides you with an opportunity to optimize the productivity of your real estate business venture. It helps you to easily do project planning.

You can monitor your project on a day to day basis. You can accomplish many other tasks as well such as define and schedule your projects, manage your contracts, set up BOQ/BOM as per DSR (CPWD/PWD), Estimate the Execution Costs, Verify Contractor's Billing, Calculate Costs (Work Order Processing and Payments), Map actual Progress of your Projects via Daily Progress Reports, etc. The real estate project execution software is a boon for real estate business organizations.

Key Features:

Real Estate Project Management  Defining a Project and Setting up BOQ.  Generation of Work Plan for Sub Contraction.  Cost and Quantity Estimation as per BOM.  Assigning Sub-Contract along with Rate Comparison Chart.  Daily Progress Reports.  Work Order Processing and Payments.   Actual Progress Mapping to find Deviations.  Material and Resource Requirement as per BOM.  Verification of Contractor's billing.

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